Cinderella Pantomine Auditions

Would you like to be part of a magical full-scale Pantomime at the fabulous E.M.Forster Theatre, Tonbridge?

With a professional live band and professional set. Directed by Nickelodeon presenter Jamie Rickers (and many times professional Buttons!) and The Talentz Debbie King. Unique script specially written by Charlie Bench.

Pantomime Auditions at the E.M.Forster Theatre, Tonbridge.

Saturday 9th October  2-6pm

  • 2-3pm  Ensemble workshop auditions
  • 5-6pm  Ensemble workshop auditions
  • 3-3.30pm  Dance auditions Babes age 5-7 years old
  • 4-4.45pm  Intermerdiate age 8-13 years
  • 5-5.45pm  Seniors age 15-21 years

Sunday 10th October 10am-5pm

  • 10-11am  Ensemble workship auditions
  • 12-5pm  Principal Auditions

The Cast

CINDERELLA (f): The princess of our piece, Cinderella has a hard life before meeting a handsome stranger in the woods. Will she make it to the ball?

BUTTONS (m/f): Best friend to Cinderella, silly Buttons will do anything to make her giggle- although his job around Hardup Hall is no laughing matter!

PRINCE CHARMING (m/f): Dashing Prince Charming is fed up of being cooped up in the castle, even with his best friend and steward Dandini to keep him entertained. Will he ever find true love?

DANDINI (f): Steward and right hand (wo)man to the Prince, Dandini will do anything to keep Prince Charming safe and happy- a tricky job!

THE STEPSISTERS (m/f): Caterina & Catherine (Kit and Kat) love going on expensive holidays, to lavish balls and chasing boys- watch them run the other way!

STEPMOTHER (f): The villain of our piece, Baroness Hardup, Cinderella’s wicked Stepmother would do anything for her two darling daughters and loves making Cinderella’s life miserable.

FAIRY GODMOTHER (m/f): Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother helps our poor princess get to the ball. Famous for fashion sense, but not for practical footwear!

SARAH THE COOK (m): Sarah the Cook is the self-proclaimed backbone of Hardup Hall. The polar opposite to Baroness Hardup, she is kind, considerate… and loud and bossy and struggling to get a boyfriend!

3x FEATURED ENSEMBLE (m/f): Kim, Kourtney and Khloe try to help Buttons with their tasks around Hardup Hall, although Buttons might say they are more of a hindrance!


ENSEMBLE – citizens of the village, guests at the ball

SENIOR DANCERS ages 14+ (approx. 6)

INTERMEDIATE DANCERS ages 8-13 (approx. 8 in each team)

BABES ages 4-7 (approx. 7 in each team)

If you would like to be part of the backstage crew please contact us.  We have opportunities to work alongside the professional crew, all we need from you is enthusiasm and commitment.

Please note 

Please note you may audition for more than one part.

Please note if successful there is a show fee of £195 which includes all costume, rehearsals,  and a Cinderella Cast/ Crew Hoodie. Rehearsals are Sundays in Tunbridge Wells